Luv 2 Ktr with Sharon

       Discover the ease of hosting an event with our Professional Catering Team
 Luv 2 Ktr at the Triad Cafe 
Featuring made to order Breakfast & Lunch on the Hopkins Bayview Campus

Here at Luv 2 Ktr, service and good food are our passion.  I use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will fill your belly and warm your heart.  

In your home with personal chef services or at the beautiful evergreen tree lined venue of Newport Terrace, my staff and I will serve you while your taste buds will thank you!   All of our menus are customized to client's tastes, preferences and price point. Our team will deliver a fresh, finished on site, on time, & on budget event for you and your guests!